First blog post

Long time D&D player, first time Dungeon Master and mother of two kids age 6 and 4.

I will be blogging about writing and running the game for young kids and the critical hits and critical fails that come with it. I started running the game for the kids a few months ago and will be going back to the beginning in my post.

The Beginning.

We always tried to find time for a family game night even before I introduced D&D to the kids but it was tedious sometimes playing Candyland and similar games so it was hard to stay motivated to carve out time for it. After introducing D&D since we all enjoy it finding time for a family game night was much more fun, for everyone. When we first started I wrote an easy very short encounter aiming at taking around 30 minutes, the attention of my kids based on previous game nights. I was surprised when after they finished the encounter the immediately wanted more, I was unprepared and ended up making encounters up off the top of my head. We played for 2 hours that night and only stopped (with much protest) when I realized it was after bedtime and I had lost track of time. Now I am writing longer encounters and am working on a much longer campaign for them. I have also found plenty of learning opportunities to include such as implementing what they are learning in school in our sessions so they end up doing homework and studying without even realizing it as well as all the situations that arise for critical thinking that I have seen them carry over to real life.

While playing the game with kids isn’t the same as when I was able to get together and play with friends it is still just as fun in it’s own unique way.


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