Creating Spell Effect Area: Cone and Line

This is our process for making clear areas of effect for spells that are a line or cone, specifically in this case for us acid breath and fire breath.

you’ll need:

-permanent marker

-cutting tool (plastic cutter* pictured)

-ruler preferable metal edged so you don’t risk accidentally cutting into the ruler

-clear plastic (clear acrylic pictured)

-sand paper (not pictured)

-clamps (not pictured and optional it just helps keep the plastic from slipping)

*I purchased the plastic cutter for this project because it is the tool designed for it. I found that I didn’t get as good of results as I felt I should have and ended up using a box cutter.


The Process: The Line

Remove plastic cover if there is any. Measure out for desired spell effect area, in this case, a 5 foot by 30 ft range, with 1inch equaling 5ft.


Using the ruler as a guide score the plastic along the line several times. Depending on the type of knife you are using you might have to score more or less, with the plastic cutting tool I had to score it 7-9 times and with the box cutter only 4-6 times.


Brace the plastic on the edge of a flat surface, I just use the edge of the table and apply pressure until it breaks. It should break pretty easy if you are having to apply to much pressure stop and score it a few more times until only light pressure is needed.


If you are having to apply to much pressure and force you could end up breaking it and run the risk of cutting yourself. Like this:


Use the same process as above to bring it to the desired length.


Use the sandpaper at an angle to clean off the bur and smooth out the edges.

Optional step very lightly score the points marking 5ft (1inch) and fill in with the marker.


Before you can measure your cone you have to know the range, for the cone we are making its 15ft which is 3 inches using the 5ft is an inch measure. The range gives you your end width based on our interpretation of the rule. So this cone is 15ft (3in) long and 15ft (3in) for the width at range (the furthest point). For measuring out the cone mark the width at the widest point, so in this case 15ft (3in). Mark it the same way as the line and use the same scoring and applying pressure to break process.


Then measure out the length (range) again in this case 15ft (3in). Use the same marking, scoring, breaking process as before.


Then find the point of origin for the spell (the midpoint of the width side) and mark it for the start point width in this case 5ft (1 inch). Make lines from the outside corners of the point of origin width to the outside corners of the width at range making the cone shape as shown below.


Then use the same scoring and breaking process to make the cone. Sand off the burs, smooth the edges and add the optional 5ft marking lines.


And there you have it two DIY areas of effect.


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