Unboxing January 2017 Dungeon Crate

Unboxing this months Dungeon Crate “offering symbols of peace, luck adventures, and missteps all things we encounter throughout a year of gaming.”


January’s box contains a D20 yin/yang t-shirt from armorclass10.com. While we really like the design of this shirt we are not enthused about the way the design is printed on the material, similar styles in the past have cracked and faded rather quickly. It also has the armorclass10 logo printed on the top center of the back.

Next, we have a  Ki-Rin coin from Rare Elements Foundry. “Ki-Rin are a race of aerial creatures whose hooves rarely touch the earth, for they dwell amid the clouds and behind the winds. Females are never encountered and Ki-Rin are always solitary. They sometimes aid humans if the need to combat evil is great. The coat of Ki-Rin is luminous gold, much as a sunrise on a clear day.” This coin has some good weight to it and is a good size, but it is a little awkward for flipping because of its size. It has some fine detail and the aged look it has is nice with a four-eyed Ki-Rin on one side and the Rare Elements Foundry logo on the other. (quarter for size reference)


Then we have a critical fumble deck from Nord Games. This is a full set of 52 full-color cards for when you roll natural 1’s. Each card has four entries, one for each attack type; melee, ranged, natural, and magic and includes a severity level in the upper right corner of each card ranging from Awkward (recommended for lvl 1) to Disgraceful (recommended for Lvl 13).  This is our first encounter with the deck and some of the “fumbles” seem silly in the scenario, we were able to play out some of the fumbles but others were unnatural to roll play out.


We also got a mini adventure “The Pententieyrie” from Adventure a Week, suitable for 5th edition Lvl 4-5. “An ancient carving, an avian goddess, and a demonic path to adventure await.” These are great little adventures easy to throw into a campaign for those times when the DM just isn’t quite as prepared as you would like to be and need a little more time.


There was also the digital crate that came with a PDF of the Pententieyrie AAW, a PDF Adventure Chronicle e-zine from AAW and a PDF 5th edition character sheet by Javier Aumente that has a layout that we really like because it seems like it will be easier for the kids to use.

That’s it for this months box, there wasn’t as much as there has been in previous month’s boxes the reason for this being that the items in the box were a higher price. At first, we were kinda excited about the T-shirts inclusion but after some thought had a change of mind, while I do like the shirt I would prefer to see more content like from previous boxes. Overall we were a little underwhelmed with this month’s box but do understand the reasons for less content and that sometimes its trial and error with things.

*We are not endorsing any particular brands and were not paid for this review


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