Dungeon Crate Unboxing August 2016

Unboxing this month’s Dungeon Crate with the theme Shadows of Darkness it was a pretty good haul.



August box included a Wraith Coin from Rare Elements Foundry. I just love this, it is beautifully done and has great detail. Not sure yet how I am going to incorporate it into my game at this point I think I might use it as a kind of initiative marker in front of the character tents. (nickel for size reference)

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Next, we have a wooden D12 coaster from PigseyArt. This coaster is just great, last month was a D20 and it says there are two more in coming months to make a nice set of four really looking forward to that. I will not be using them as coasters though I’m making them into magnets instead and keeping them on my tool cabinet.


Then we got a pair of Bones Dice from Koplow Games. It’s two D6 dice shaped like they were made from bones. These are a nice addition to my dice collection because you can never have to many dice.


Also got a set of 10 bases from Elrik’s Hobbies. The are a mix of round and square 1″ slate bases which are great can always use more bases.

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This month’s box also had a Graveyard Scene from Advanced Deployment. This is a great little 8 piece set including ? tombstones with bases and two fences they are a hard plastic so they are sturdy and really quite cool. The flat colors and slick shininess of the pieces doesn’t really fit the look of the other tiles and pieces we use I will definitely use them anyway but probably be adding some detailing first to break up the flat color and give it more of the worn, gritty look many of the other pieces on my gaming table have.

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We got two figures in this the first a Ghost Miniature from Reaper. It’s an approximately 2″ plastic figure an easy one to paint if you are just starting in mini painting.


The second figure is a Giant Undead Skeleton from Dungeon Crawler. This figure is pre-painted and approximately 3″. It is a good looking figure although a bit large for anything that my PC’s are currently ready for but I do plan on using it down then the road. The sword on this figure is pretty bent so it will have to treated to a nice boiling water bath and an icy dip to straighten it out but it’s an easy fix.


So that covers everything that came in the box (Dungeon Crate also comes with a password for a Digital Crate with more fun stuff) overall I really liked this months box I am able to use everything in it so to that alone makes it a good value in my opinion unlike some other subscription boxes I’ve tried where not everything worked for me. Past boxes have all been great as well I haven’t been disappointed in any of them and I am really looking forward to what kind of things they have in future boxes.

I almost forgot there is, of course, the Dungeon Crate stickers too.


*We are not endorsing any particular brands and were not paid for this review